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Azedinha Beach

Postcard of Buzios...

Azedinha Beach - Buzios - Brazil


Azedinha Beach Location Map - Buzios - Brazil How to arrive: The Azedinha Beach is located between the beaches Azeda and João Fernandes. It is acceded directly from Azeda Beach with which it shares his magnificent scene. Also it is possible to be arrived in an aquatic taxi from the center of Buzios.


Azedinha Beach aerial view - Buzios - Brazil Extension: 150 meters  
Geography: Small sand golden beach with very little slope, and formation rocky in its sides. One extends by one narrow sand strip to pié of "morro" of leafy vegetation.
Characteristics: Surrounded by vegetation, with crystalline waters, warm and calm its ecological supremacy jumps at sight. It is like an enormous aquarium, with rich waters in life animal and vegetable. Oriented towards the west, it has a privileged vista of the putting of the sun.


Azedinha Beach - Buzios - Brazil Services: Beach kiosk with supply of simple plates and drinks. Parking with monitoring in the Place d´Ossos.

Sports: Diving - Snorkeling
Activities: Point of shutdown of the strolls of escunas.